Sunday, September 23, 2012

Music that got me through college - Part 1

This is an understatement for those who know me well, but I was in college for a long time.  I started attending community college at 18 years old, bounced around two undergrad universities, then endured a long stint in graduate school before finally finishing my Ph.D just after my 33rd birthday.

Another understatement: I love music.  A LOT.  Music has been a constant companion of mine and certain bands, songs and albums will always remind me of particular times in my life.  And not in a general "this song reminds me of being 20" way, but specific moments, like "this song reminds me of moving into my first apartment."

This series, cross-posted to my music/miscellaneous blog, Auntie Cake, explores music that got me through my years as a college student.

Part 1. Community College  (1997 - 1999)
Memories of commuting to class and taking the scenic route, sitting in the dining room of my parents house while I plowed through Calculus or Physics homework, or on the computer chatting with geeky guys on IRC and obsessively reading online bulletin boards for The X-Files.  (Yes, I was still very much a virgin.)

The Cure - "A Forest"

R.E.M.  - "South Central Rain"

The Smiths - "What Difference Does It Make"

You might tell from the playlist that I was morose and a bit of a recovering goth.

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