Sunday, November 25, 2012

Do one thing. Do it better than anyone else.

Man and Beast is a beautiful dramatization about the early life of zoologist and activist Alan Rabinowitz. In the short film, which Rabinowitz himself narrates, he describes how he overcame a childhood speech disorder and how his love of animals and science lead him to apply to graduate school and eventually become a leading expert and activist for endangered species.

MAN AND BEAST from peter simonite on Vimeo.

I don't know any scientist who wasn't into science as a kid. Yet, when you're entrenched in what feels like the unending servitude of academic research, it's easy to lose touch of what inspired you to pursue an advanced degree in science in the first place. It may also be easy to bog yourself down with anxiety and uncertainty of what might come of it, post-PhD...

Why do I always say 'you' when I mean 'me'?

Dr. Rabinowitz is the CEO of the conservation organization Panthera and has published several books and won many awards for his work protecting large cats in particular.

Watch his interview on Colbert Report. Definitely inspirational.

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