Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Music that got me through college - Part 2

This is an understatement for those who know me well, but I was in college for a long time. I started attending community college at 18 years old, bounced around two undergrad universities, then endured a long stint in graduate school before finally finishing my Ph.D just after my 33rd birthday.

Another understatement: I love music. A LOT. Music has been a constant companion of mine and certain bands, songs and albums will always remind me of particular times in my life. And not in a general "this song reminds me of 1999" way but specific moments like "this song reminds me of moving into my first apartment" way.

I intended to make a whole series of posts about the music I listened to in the 15 years I spent in college. I posted Part 1 almost a year ago, which highlighted those early years in community college.

I am going way out of chronological order and skipping to the end: music that reminds me of writing the dissertation. I'll fill in the gap years in a future post, including my Skinny Puppy phase, and those handful of years being involved with the campus radio station.

Part 2. Dissertation writing (Early 2012)
Memories of drinking coffee, writing writing writing, crying, eating, watching some cat videos, writing writing writing, sleep, repeat.

Explosions In The Sky "Your Hand In Mine"

Band of Horses "The Funeral"

Grimes "Oblivion"

M.I.A. "Bad Girls"

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