Monday, August 18, 2014

Published. (The other kind.)

My first pop-science article has been recently published in UCSB Convergence magazine.  Check it out online here.

Photo credit: École Polytechnique, Ph. Lavialle
The title the editors chose, "Goodbye to Droop" is a little misleading.  I wrote about a recent discovery (by my postdoc advisor and others) in which they merely identified a leading cause of LED efficiency droop. They haven't necessarily (publicly) solved the droop problem yet.

At the same time, I realize a more accurate title "Leading Cause of LED Efficiency Droop Potentially Identified" is less tantalizing for sure.

The article was written over a year ago for a science communication workshop arranged by UCSB’s Center for Science and Engineering Partnership (CSEP) Professional Development Series.  I had a lot of fun writing it and look forward to future opportunities to communicate science.

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