Friday, June 14, 2013

Leveling Up

I got my first big girl job!
After being in school for what seems like eleventy million years, I'm moving to Portland, Oregon in a few weeks to start a new life as a process engineer for a semiconductor equipment company.  Whoo!

I'm a little sad to be leaving California, my friends, research group, and academia in general, but it felt time for me to move on and I'm excited to do something different.

I'll be working on thin film deposition.  Which probably doesn't sound exciting at all to most people, but that's okay.  (As long as it does to me, right?)

While we're on the topic of thin films, here's a cute video (meant for kids?) from Filmetrics that explains how spectral reflectance works for measuring film thickness.  This basically entails shining light of different wavelengths (colors) at the film and seeing which wavelengths (colors) reflect.  If you know the material properties like refractive index, then you can make a pretty good estimation of how thick it is.

I won't be a postdoc working with lasers anymore, but will continue to update this blog and likely post more about microelectronics and my experience transitioning to life in industry.  Plus, I still have plenty of advice for grad students left to write. In fact, I have some upcoming posts about teamwork in grad school and conference etiquette, so stay tuned for those.

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  1. congrats to your new job - sounds like great change and great opportunity!
    And: yes, please update your blog. It'll interesting to hear how a transition to industry can be!


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