Friday, September 28, 2012

Shirt Woot's "Propaganda...FOR SCIENCE!" contest

Speaking of blue lasers, my friend was like: "check out this shirt."
And I was just like: "OMG I need it."

Fuck yeah, it's a dinosaur shooting a blue laser out of his mouth with a nuclear explosion in the background!

From the Shirt Woot shop:
...Science isn't all dinosaurs and laserbeams. Being a scientist takes hard work, attention to detail, and making imaginary women come to life with your computers... Science is serious business. Just ask any professional scientist who has ever turned a sports car into a time machine, stolen plutonian from a group of Libyan terrorists, and sent your teenage friend back to 1995 just as you are shot by the terrorists. It's a job just like any other.

This design was the winning finalist for Shirt Woot's science propaganda themed design contest.  Check out the other finalists here.

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